Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase online and pay upon delivery?

Sure, you can.

Is this a really natural products?

Yes! its pure natural from Dead Sea minerals and mud, and organic adhesives.

IS your product safe to use?

Yes! its 100% safe, its approved from JFDA (Jordanian food and drugs administration), and KMCA (Kurdistan Medical Control Agency).

Do you have international delivery?

Yes! send us an email mentioning the products and quantity and we will get back to you after we calculate the shipping cost.

How do accept interntional payments?

Through MoneyGram.

Iraq - Erbil

Italian Village 1 - Villa#40


Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm

Friday: Official Holiday

Musk Land. Limited
Musk Land. Limited
Free Delivery on Purchases over 50$

Customer Service

T: +964 751 106 0745

E: info@muskland.me

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